Clean water is important! Whether you're a fish or human you should care about clean water. Thats why at Smoky Mountain Bio Media we are dedicated to providing the highest quality Biological Media on the planet. Engineered to be the best, our products help keep your water clean!

Industries and Applications Served!


  • Aquaculture

  • Fish Hatcheries

  • Koi Ponds

  • Wastwater Treatment

  • Aquarium Filters

  • Static Filter applications (Trickling Filters)

  • Deaeration

  • Ozone Stripping


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Plastic Bio Meida, K1, Bio Ball, bioball, koi, pond

The Smoky Mountain Bio Media Difference! 


  • Our products have been ENGINEERED exclusively to be biological media for moving bed and static filters.

  • Our materials are from certified material suppliers. DO NOT risk the health of your system to suspect material that may contain pollutants!

  • Proven technology! Our media is directly competitive with the Kaldnes material in industrial applications.

  • Our plastic media is manufactured in Germany and the US!

  • One of the largest suppilers globally for Koi Pond filters!

  • Our engineering staff has experts in the area of fluid flow and mass transfer. See if your media supplier can say the same!

  • Largest supplier of media types in the industry!

  • Our BioFLO 40, BioBLO25 and BioFLO 15 are similar to the Bio Ball filter media only better. However it is designed to have better hydraulics characteristics and higher surface area than any of any available Bio Ball medias on the market. Upgrade to the BioFLO media now!

  • Make your bio filter be the best it can be...use high quality bio media that's PROVEN to be the best!