How does Smoky Mountain Bio Media operate?


We are a small business that is growing.  We believe in order to continue to grow it will only happen by taking care of our customers and offering quality service and products.


What does that mean?  Sounds like lip service.  For our customers with smaller orders it means we believe when you place an order we shouldn't sit on it for 2 or 3 days and then ship it out the cheapest (and usually more unreliable) method we can find.  For our larger commercial customers it means providing the data and communication that you need in order to complete your project ontime and on budget.

I've noticed that you guys have different prices on your website versus your store on third party sites such as ebay and Amazon.  Why is that?

That's easy.  Those are great shopping tools, but they charge for their services.  We have extra fees associated with those services that we do not have to contend with on our website or when you order direct from us so we pass the savings along.  

If I can't buy through those services how am I protected?

That's easy too.  We still utilize Paypal for checkout on our website and all of it's normal protection and services are included.  It is safe and secure.  We don't see credit card numbers, bank accounts or even have access to your protected and sensitive data. We also don't care for solicitors, unwanted emails or phone calls so we do not share any customer data.  

You have excellent feedback on those third party websites.  Does that mean service suffers when I buy from your website?

Absolutely not!  We offer the same shipping methods and handle website orders with the same expedited service that our other stores offer.   

What about shipping?  What services do you utilize? How fast is it?

We take shipping very seriously.  For clients with smaller orders we utilize the United States Postal Service for our orders up to 2 Gallons and shipping to the Domestic US and its principalities is included in the sale price meaning no additional charges.  All smaller shipments include a tracking number and are sent via First Class mail or Priority Mail only.  Most shipments are delivered in less than 3 days.  For our commercial customers and sizes larger than 2 gallons we utilize FedEx, UPS and LTL truck services in the US and for international shipments we utilize DHL and custom brokerage services.  We also take requests for other services and do allow local pickup.  Regardless of your purchase method, we make every effort to get the shipment out same day!     

What does the future hold for Smoky Mountain Bio Media?

The future is bright for us.  We manufacture a quality product made in Tennessee or Germany, but have aspirations of one day having all our products made here in the US.  However, tools and molds are expensive, but we would like to one day position ourselves to compete with cheap foreign brands with a quality product that will make us a clear cut leader in the industry that will make our company as well known as those Swedish guys.